Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation Classes

When looking for a natural childbirth class in Las Vegas you have options. Birthing from Within is a program that fosters resilience, flexibility, connection, and compassion in parents who are preparing to meet their baby.


Moms and partners learn that excitement, fear, confusion, and pain are all normal parts of labor. Instead of seeing these feelings as problematic, parents understand that they are sign posts that mean that they’re on the right track!

Parents are armed with pain coping practices and support techniques to help them train for the birth they desire, and also build resilience and mental strength to cope with any unexpected events that may arise. Birth art, role playing, and hands-on support are all part of the experiential learning expectant parents take part in to help them prepare for the full spectrum of birth.

Our next class is:

Monday Dec. 2 and

Monday Dec. 16 from 11 AM to 2PM

$150 Per Couple

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