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Doula Services

There’s no doubt about it: all available evidence shows that doula support leads to improved physical and emotional outcomes for parents and babies. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) specifically recommends doula care...

One of the very first things I ask an expectant mother is, "are you getting your placenta encapsulated?"

The answers range from "absoutely!" to "what's that?"

Mother Blessing Ceremony

A Birth Rite ceremony -sometimes called a Blessingway (after the Navajo tradition), Mother Blessing or Mother Rising- is a prenatal celebration of the mother focusing on honoring her body, her journey & the power of being pregnant and giving birth. 


Parents will be armed with pain coping practices and support techniques to help them train for the birth they desire, and will also build resilience and mental strength...

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